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Are you at the beginning of your Doula-ing journey? Looking to certify as a Doula?

Are you a nursing student or nurse manager seeking added training to support laboring families?

Or, maybe you’re already trained, on your way, and seeking additional support to cement your skills, expertise and business acumen?

No matter where you are on the path to support birthing families, we’re here to help!

We’ve been there,
and we get it.

Launching a doula practice is hard. You’re driven from your heart and soul, giving and lending support to birthing families through the most special time in their lives. But you have to take care of the business side of things, and before that — the certification side of things.
That’s where we come in- with practical, useful, and realistic support from initial training through business coaching.

We’re dedicated to guiding birth workers through every stage of business- from initial training, to fine tuning. We offer Doula Training and continued mentorship focusing on relevant tools for the modern professional doula post-certification.

We are experienced with building cooperative relationships with providers and hospital staff and love offering advanced trainings and refresher courses.

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“The Birthing Stone mentorship has been such a valuable experience. The classes, community, and opportunity to observe experienced doulas in action dramatically increased my skill-set, knowledge, and confidence; I’ve noticed a huge difference in my pre- and post-mentorship birth experiences. I can’t think of a better investment I could have made in my doula career. Thank you so much!”
Claire Wilson Wilde