About Us

Tiffany Decker: Doula Trainer, LCCE, Certified Labor Doula & Postpartum Doula


I’m Tiffany, owner of Portland Doula Training and Birthing Stone Doula. 

I could list out my resume for you, and will if you ask. But I think it’s more important that you know about me, you know, what I believe and how I’m going to support you. 

I’ve had the luck of having incredible support during my time as a doula and a business owner. But even with that support, I found lots of gaps in my training – especially with how to navigate relationships with hospitals, and also how to run my business. 

I want you to know that my passion is supporting other people- and keeping them from feeling lost and alone in this journey. I WANT you to succeed. I believe you can succeed, and I’ll help you as much as I can to make that happen. 

My “philosophy” for doula work is the same as my philosophy for supporting new doulas: 

  • I believe in autonomy
  • I believe in professionalism
  • I believe in collaboration
  • I believe in hard work, but also working smart and efficiently (I can show you how)
  • I believe in failure as a teacher- pretty sure Yoda says something about that
  • I believe in a bit of humor and good margaritas
  • and the ability to drop the F-bomb once in awhile (Hey, we’re all adults, right?)

I’m the right trainer for you if you want information grounded in research but also want some practical knowledge and wisdom shared with you. I’m not going to make this up- I promise. And, I’m a terrible poker player, so I just stick to my gut and tell the truth. Trust me, you’ll know if I’m trying to sugar coat something (it doesn’t happen often). 

So check out my trainings, reach out and ask questions, and keep reading if you want the boring bio 😉



Tiffany’s professional experience dates 7 years. She was inspired to the path of a birth worker/doula career — like many others — by incredible support she received during her own birth, and credits her success to having strong mentors and a willingness to try and sometimes fail.

As a doula whose private practice quickly grew into an agency model, she brings great perspective and practical skills to helping your business thrive. She is passionate about supporting other doulas in their business growth.

She’s also a sucker for old SNL skits with JT &Jimmy Fallon, a tough workout at Orange Theory Fitness, and a good margarita