Labor Support


Doula Training 

for hospital L&D staff and nursing students

Looking for a way to enhance your labor support skills?

Want a quick refresher for your L&D staff?

Want a doula training that’s designed specifically for nursing students?

We have you covered!

What can you expect with your training?

  • Commitment to supporting families no matter their choice (non-judgment)
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Research based information
  • Hands on skills for supporting labor
  • Practical information that can be implemented immediately

Think of us as your liaisons- we work with birth professionals and families on a daily basis and want to share all of our experience with you so families can have the best possible outcomes.

  • Trainings for hospital staff available
  • Group trainings for nursing students
  • When possible we train IN hospital to use the tools you’re familiar with
  • Even the most experienced nurses learn from us!

I’ve been an L&D nurse for 25 years. I came into this training thinking there wasn’t a thing I could learn. I was wrong. Thank you!- Pam

Read on for upcoming training dates!

Upcoming Workshops

Portland July 11 & 12, 2018

  • 9am – 5pm
  • Snacks provided
  • Location of training disclosed upon confirmation of registration
  • Topics to be covered
    • Overview of Doula Role
      Scope of Practice as a Doula
      The overlap between Nurses/Providers and Doulas
      ACOGs recommendations
      California Maternal Quality Care Research and implementation ideas
      Birth & Labor Review (abreviated)
      Support Techniques: Ideally held at a hospital- but not guaranteed
      • Positions in the birth room
      • Epidural
      • Peanut Ball
      • Mal position
      • “Challenging” Labor Tips and Tricks
      • Support for Cesarean Births

      Support of Partners
      Grief and loss (used as a supplement not full training

      • Empathy vs Sympathy

      Role Playing and Practice

      Scenario walk throughs
      Common scenarios in the birth room

Investment: $450

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